Oct 27 2016

Home furnishing made easy with SB Furniture

For over 40 years,?SB Furniture?has been making dream homes a reality.

Since the company’s establishment in Thailand, it has remained the biggest furniture retailer and manufacturer and has ?expanded in 20 ?countries around the world including the Philippines where it has ?have been catering to customers the past ?eight years.?

The brand not only offers European-standard safety, world-class quality, and a variety of trendy and stylish designs, but excellent customer service as well, with its free layout consultancy.

SB Furniture has helped thousands of customers ?with thousands of completed projects where it ?puts together “Spaces of Beauty” with products that are “Simply Beautiful.”?

By offering “Style on a Budget,” many customers ?are able to create their dream homes while getting value for their money.

Two of the homeowners that ?SB Furniture helped are?Silverio and Farah Fungo.?

The couple, executive and senior manager in their respective offices, availed of the free layout consultancy from SB and saw the help they needed in perfecting their first ever dream home for their family of six.?

Silverio and Farah said ?SB was ?flexible in providing the right pricing ?and provided them a whole range of furniture needed to complete their home’s look.

Another couple Dr. Harold and Dra. Joanna Siquian?have also built their condo with ?the help of SB Furniture.

The couple ?wanted to design their ?space and initially went to malls and furniture shops to look for furniture but realized it ?was not ?an easy undertaking.

With SB, the Siquians had plenty of furniture options suited for a limited space.

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